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For me, creativity is just intelligence having fun...

I'm A Venture Builder by Heart

The biggest privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. Because only then you can choose a job that you love and never have to work a day in your life. And that's exactly what I do. My Ikigai.

I love to be at the beginning. For me, the creation of something new, whether it is art, business or new disruptive product, is not accomplished by the mere human intellect but by the play of instinct acting from the inner necessity of playing with the objects and topics I love and fell attracted by. I strongly believe that every human life contains a potential, and if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life is wasted.

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Own Startups

Product Designs



Creative Campaigns

I have started in the early 90's and since ever I have been engaged in a form of communication. Any form of communication that in my case evolved from marketing and advertising into venture building and innovation. Obsessed with the infinite question "What's next", I have always mediated contact with something new that would enrich and improve human life.


In 2017 I founded, a tech startup providing an independent food rating and personalised shopping recommendations.


In 2018 I led the presidential campaign of Marek Hilšer, where we created the most effective campaign in the history of political elections (CZK 1.3 for one vote).

In 2019 I created a campaign for the National Gallery Prague connecting its flagship impressionist exhibition with absinthe. Martin Zufanek - the uncrowned king of Czech distillers - bottled 50 limited edition bottles with superb Dubied Abisnthe 1798, renowned graphic designer Aleš Najbrt created an original label. The subsequent auction raised 1.5 million CZK that were donated to National Gallery.

In 2020 I founded two new tech startups: - an e-commerce aggregator in pet segment with an independent pet food scoring and - the world's first Ikigai exchange platform where you can invest in people's human potential in the beginning of their career.

In autumn 2020 I joined Creative Dock - the fastest growing venture builder in Europe as the Head of Innovation. We build fast growing ventures for large corporate companies around the world. Creative Dock is driven by delivery, as well as a core mission to build strong and provocative business models that impact societies and people’s lives in positive ways.


Curriculum Vitae

2020 - Present

Head of Innovation at Creative Dock

[We Build Companies. From Idea to Scale.]

Prague, Czech Republic

2020 - Present

Founder at

[World's First Ikigai Exchange Platfrom]

Prague, Czech Republic

2020 - Present

Founder at

[E-Commerce Aggregator in Pet Segment]

Prague, Czech Republic

2017 - Present

Founder at

[Foodtech & Healthtech Startup]

Prague, Czech Republic


2017 - 2018

Chief Straegist for Marek Hilšer

[Presidential & Senatorial Campaigns 2018]

Prague, Czech Republic



2015 - Present

Founder at Above & Below

[Experiential Marketing Creations]

Prague, Czech Republic


2016 - 2017

Vice President

Global Marketing & Communications at

[Tech Startup - Art & Fintech]

London, United Kingdom


2013 - 2016

Head of Digital & Social Media


[Biggest & Most Awarded Ad Agency in Kuwait]

Kuwait City, Kuwait


2007 - 2013

Founder & COO at Lemonade

[Integrated Ad Agency]

Prague, Czech Republic


2002 - 2007

Executive Director at Leo Burnett

[International Ad Agency]

Prague, Czech Republic



1997 - 2002

Founder at Northman’s

[Marketing Consultancy]

Prague, Czech Republic


1995 - 1997

Head of Below the Line Operation at GREY

[International Ad Agency]

Prague, Czech Republic


1994 - 1995

Account Executive at MARK | BBDO

[International Ad Agency]

Prague, Czech Republic


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Marek Hilšer

Prezident, který

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Your Brand is, What Other People Say About You 
When You Are Not In The Room

"As the CEO of Artstaq I had the pleasure of working with Peter who ran our global marketing & communications. He always impressed me with his innovative and hands on approach, as well as with his deep knowledge of online marketing. He is super creative, a strategic thinker and a hard working individual. When he started his own food-tech project – Foodgroot - I did not hesitate and became an investor."

- Jozef Barta

Co-Founder & CEO

former CEO of Eurotel & Unicredit Slovakia

"It was by chance that I met Petr, and got the pleasure to work with him. As a person he is a very pleasant character to work with, and a real team player. His skills go beyond being a full on senior Digital specialist, to a complete strategist that knows how to deliver real 360° campaign integration."

- Fouad Abou Mansour

COO Impact Porter Novelli MENA

MD Impact BBDO Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

"I have worked closely with Petr for the past year and a half and it is safe to say that his exemplary professionalism makes dealing with him a pleasure. Petr is one of the pillars of the agency - he has been the driving force behind educating, informing and advising our customers about all digital trends and market capabilities - his extensive know-how has elevated the bar when it comes to setting comprehensive strategies. It is truly a pleasure working with him."

- Dany Aouad

Managing Director Impact & Echo BBDO Kuwait

"Petr is one the few truly impressive characters of the Czech communication industry. He displays an extraordinary level of creativity combined with a common sense approach to business issues. His ability to pick up relevant information from all kind of sources and then to deliver it in many different ways to the Czech professional community helped him to quickly establish himself as an expert in this field. Petr always impressed me with his energy, enthusiasm and his “can do” attitude. All this makes him a great leader and a valuable asset to any organization."

- Josef Havelka

COO Leo Burnett MENA

Managing Director Leo Burnett Prague

"Petr's genuine enthusiasm and belief in the role of digital is clearly evident in the way he presents his digital strategies. The high standard of work is constantly praised by our clients who come from various industries and is no surprise that they have endeared themselves to Petr. Over the last 3 years, Petr has managed to grow the business portfolio and the digital department at Impact BBDO. I fully endorse Petr to any esteemed company and would strongly recommend your sincere consideration; his potential is clear to see and his track record exemplary."

- Hadi Majeed

Senior Strategic Planner

& Group Account Director at Impact BBDO

"Petr is always ahead. When the others are still learning, he settles new rules. When new rules are settled, he looks for the next ones. I would define him by the question: „What's next?“ And what's great: his never ending stream of fresh ideas is always business focused. That means he will bring you new ideas which WILL WORK. Fantastic approach in communication business."

- Martin Charvát

Vice Rector at University of Creative Communication

"Petr is a valued colleague and friend. Having worked with him closely at Impact BBDO, I would rank him very high among the advertising professionals I admire. His lateral thinking, digital knowledge, planning skills, passion to create compelling work and the energy to carry them through to outstanding presentations has repeatedly wowed me and the clients alike. It was an absolute privilege to work with Petr at BBDO."

- Lokesh Achaiah

Creative Director

at Impact & Echo BBDO Kuwait

"Petr possess the ability to manage multiple projects and ensure that all jobs are completed and delivered on the due dates. He is also able to always stay calm and focused during chaotic periods and large projects with tight deadlines.  Working with Petr is very pleasant as he has good communication skills which enables him to pass on important information without the bossy effect. Throughout our working period Petr gave a few talks which I found to be very inspiring and motivating as he has very good presentation skills which in turn makes me comfortable and confident."

- Patrick Semaan

Creative Director at Careem Dubai

"Petr is one of the most imaginative, passionate and hard working professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. His contribution towards building Ooredoo’s digital advertising and social channels has been priceless. Petr is an honest man with integrity who has never shied away from a challenge. He has spent several long nights striving to meet impossible deadlines and in spite of the pressure has come through with incredible advertising and innovative ideas. It was a pleasure working with him and I would like to thank him for all the wonderful lessons I learnt from an inspiring human being."

- Rizwana Khanji

Loyalty Marketing Specialist at IKEA Kuwait


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